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This is a walkthrough written for Eve Burst Error by Celentra. Finding an actual walkthrough, rather than a 'hints' page, is nearly impossible for Eve Burst Error. This was written to remedy that.

Eve Burst Error (EBE) is a multi-sight adventure game with two protagonists, Marina Hojo and Kojiroh Amagi. You'll be unable to progress with one character if you've not reached the needed point in the other protagonist's path.

If you find yourself stuck following this walkthrough, backtrack to the last few locations you visited, and go through all of the commands until they repeat. Small events, like phone calls, are sometimes triggered by going through the commands of the current area, so try that as well for things of that nature. This will be as spoiler-free as possible (unless you click the spoiler buttons). Most directions are simple and don't require elaborate detail. Remember that if you need to go somewhere and the move option is unavailable, check the look/investigate option before you punch your screen!

Kojiroh - 12/3

  1. Inside Kojiroh's office - Kanomi will tell you about her job offer and Ko. Go through the commands until you're allowed to leave.

  2. Outside Kojiroh's office - Bump into someone.

  3. Ko's House - Proceed through the commands. (The beginning of EBE is all about going through every command). You'll get the job and leave.

  4. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Go to your computer and transfer the data you swiped from Nikaido.

  5. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Talk with Glen and go through the commands.

  6. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Return Nikaido's organizer.

  7. Outside Katsuragi Detective Offices - Meet with Yayoi.

  8. At Yayoi's Apartment - All the commands.

  9. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Back at the office, talk with Junko to see how the office is doing.

  10. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Kanomi.

  11. Ko's House - Go back to Ko and speak with him about his alarm system.

  12. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Bump into the same person from before.

  13. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Check your computer and look over the data.

  14. Outside Kojiroh's Office - It's dusk. Go to the school.

  15. Outside International School - Remember the library, because you forgot.

  16. At the Library - Talk with the Librarian, Matsuno.

  17. Outside International School - Meet with Kyoko and Natasha.

  18. Outside Ko's House - Meet with Nikaido.

  19. Ko's House - Tell Ko about knowing he's the Director of the International School.

  20. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Answer the phone. It's from Glen.

  21. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Yayoi's busy working. The End.

  22. Inside Kojiroh's Office - You heard a noise.

  23. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Find the source of the noise, and then beat some kids up.

  24. Central Avenue - Buy some medicine for the kid you saved. You'll stalk Natasha as well, after buying the medicine.

  25. Princess Hotel Lobby - Your stalking skills could use some work.

  26. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Speak with Kanomi, watch a fight, speak with Amanda.

  27. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Nikaido once again.

  28. Central Avenue - Hey look it's Kanomi again.

  29. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Put the medicine you bought down, then leave.

  30. Yayoi's Apartment - Obviously you meet Yayoi here.

  31. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Walk right into that occupied shower.

Kojiroh - 12/4

  1. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Puddin' is now in your office. Also Kanomi pays a visit.

  2. Ko's House - Meet with Nikaido here, and also Ko isn't home.

  3. Outside International School - Meet with Natasha.

  4. Library - Investigate the painting with Matsuno's help, and get a swimming pool ticket from her as a bonus.

  5. Outside International School - Meet with Kyoko.

  6. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Put more data into your 90's computer and think about the curse of the painting.

  7. Ko's House - Hey look you found the painting. Game Over, you win.

  8. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Puddin' is gone shopping ...

  9. Centraul Avenue - Go shopping for a birthday present. Kojiroh's ideas are brilliant.

  10. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Amanda isn't there.

  11. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Yayoi is heading out to see her friend. Hint: Marina.

  12. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Go through commands - their office is heading south.

  13. Princess Hotel Lobby - Listen to Nikaido mention Mido.

  14. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Go buy a swimming suit with Puddin', you're going for a swim.

  15. Central Avenue - No, really – buy a swimming suit.

  16. International School Pool - Meet with Kyoko, Yayoi, and Marina at the pool.

  17. Outside International School - Hey look – a kidnapping!

  18. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Phone call from Glen and new info.

  19. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Nikaido.

  20. Outside Ko's House - Meet with Yayoi.

  21. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Kanomi

  22. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Meet with Glen.

  23. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Puddin' is missing and someone used your computer without asking.

  24. Library - Eavesdrop on Marina and Kyoko arguing, then meet with Matsuno.

  25. Outside International School - It's dusk. Help Kyoko and it'll be night time.

  26. Outside Yayoi's Apartment - Meet with Mayako.

  27. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Investigate about the Eldian embassy.

  28. Outside the Embassy - Meet with Natasha.

  29. Central Avenue - Meet with Kanomi

  30. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Watch Nikaido make a move on Yayoi.

  31. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Phone call. It's Ko.

  32. Outside Ko's House - Meet with Puddin' and a fleeing Nikaido when you try to enter.

  33. Ko's House - Hey look – a body! Also Kyoko drops her pants for you. If you're easily frightened, it might be best to minimize your game window and remove your headphones.

  34. Outside Ko's House - Talk with Kyoko. (Kojiroh Flag) - This 'flag' progresses the Marina side of the story. Move along.

  35. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Think about what've you done. No, really.

Kojiroh - 12/5

  1. Hope you're ready for some repetitive dialogue and lots of clicking. If something doesn't trigger, try rinsing and repeating as it's easy to 'miss' a command.

  2. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Speak with Kanomi until you can leave.

  3. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Yayoi isn't happy and kicks you out.

  4. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Go through all the commands.

  5. Central Avenue - Go through all the commands.

  6. Outside Ko's House - Go through all the commands.

  7. Outside International School - Go through all the commands.

  8. Central Avenue - Meet with Amanda.

  9. Outside the Embassy - Meet with Kanomi.

  10. Outside International School - Meet with Matsuno. If she doesn't appear when you try to leave (or at all), you might have missed something.

  11. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Puddin' breaks a thing.

  12. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Go through all the commands.

  13. Princess Hotel Lobby - Go through all the commands.

  14. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Go through all the commands.

  15. Princess Hotel Lobby - Go through all the commands.

  16. Outside Ko's House - Puddin' is talking to someone in the office. Puddin' is now your sister.

  17. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Nobody is there. They migrated south.

  18. Outside the Embassy - Meet with Kyoko.

  19. Outside the Girl's Dorm - Go through all the commands. Punch that wall.

  20. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Meet with Natasha.

  21. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Meet with Amanda.

  22. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Marina and her chief.

  23. Outside Kojiroh's Office - It's dusk. It's now night.

  24. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Phone call. (Marina Flag) - You need to play Marina's side of the story until you reach her first flag to progress past this point in Kojiroh's story. After reaching this flag, if the phone does not ring, simply leave and re-enter.

  25. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Watch a drunk Yayoi get totally and completely wasted and also throw up all over you.

  26. Yayoi's Apartment - Every command. Go through them.

  27. Outside Yayoi's Apartment - Hey look – nothing ...

  28. Girl's Dorm - Meet with Kyoko.

  29. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Meet with Kanomi.

  30. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Hear a something.

Kojiroh - 12/6

  1. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Yayoi arrives with perfect timing.

  2. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Get ejected.

  3. Outside International School - Meet with Matsuno.

  4. Kyoko's Room at the Girl's Dorm - Do stuff.

  5. Outside Ko's House - Do more stuff.

  6. Outside the Embassy - Meet with Kyoko. (Kojiroh Flag) - This flag progresses the Marina side of the story. Keep on truckin'.

  7. Inside the Embassy - Interview Mido.

  8. Inside Kojiroh's Office - Hey look – a good ol' fashioned hacking. Hack the Public Safety Network. This is the first part of the game that's actually complicated. Marina and Kojiroh should both be at this point, because you will need to switch between them multiple times to finish this part. It's only complicated when you don't know what the game wants you to do. It's fairly easy to tell when you need to switch between them. After you go through all of the commands on both sides, and you need the password to get level 7 access, back completely out of the terminal/computer on Marina's side, and look around the desk. You'll find the password taped to an item. The password is 242BA3.

  9. On the Kyoko/Kojiroh side of things, look at the monitor. At one point you'll be asked to put the password in, rather than having it done automatically. Again, the password is 242BA3.

  10. Princess Hotel Lobby - You'll meet Yayoi along the way, and then Chinese Ko won't be there at the lobby when you arrive and wait for him.

  11. Outside International School - Speak with Kyoko. If she's not there, try leaving for the warehouse district. You should bump into her as you try to leave.

  12. Director's Room - After investigating the bookshelf and room, Chinese Ko and a woman arrive. Kyoko molests Kojiroh under the desk.

  13. Outside the Embassy - Go through the commands and eventually you get to go inside. To shut Kyoko up, kiss her.

  14. Inside the Embassy - Dig through Mido's desk to find a report, then try to leave. Surprise! You got caught. Now it's time for a swim.

  15. Kyoko's Room - Take a bath with Kyoko.

  16. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Hey, look – Puddin'. Call Glen.

  17. Room 1420 at the Princess Hotel - Meet Patricia and then a gunfight. Kamikaze when you get the option.

  18. Abandoned Building - Chinese Ko (Marina Flag) - You need to reach this point in Marina's story to progress further.

  19. Inside Car - Drowning.

  20. Sea side - Still Drugged.

  21. Flashback time! - It's more like you seeing into the mind of a super tripped out Kojiroh.

  22. Outside Kojiroh's Office - Now that you're not drugged nor having trippy flashbacks, talk with Kanomi and board the Tristan via the rope.

Kojiroh - 12/7

  1. Aboard the ship – You get shot. Try to go left and right, then into the ocean. You fall into the engine room instead somehow.

  2. Engine Room - Mayako will give you food and treat your bleeding bullet wound. Think about things while you sleep the day away – literally.

  3. Deck - When you're allowed to, go up to the deck and talk to people.

  4. Right Passage - You can't get into the party room; it's VIP only. Go through all the commands.

  5. Left Passage - You can't get into the party room from this side either (VIP only). Go through all the commands.

  6. Leave the Left Passage and re-enter the Left Passage.

  7. Left Passage - Bump into Mido. (Marina Flag)

  8. Engine Room - Go back to get more food from Mayako and use her as a VIP pass.

  9. Left Passage - Go to the party room/bow.

  10. Party Room/Bow - Meet with Patricia.

  11. Right Passage - You can't enter the room here. Go through the commands.

  12. Engine Room - Go through all the commands. Leave and re-enter.

  13. Engine Room - Amanda and Mido are talking to one another. Let's engage in our favorite hobby – eavesdropping.

  14. Amanda's Room - Talk with Amanda.

  15. Deck/Stern - Hear about the fireworks from talking to the people.

  16. Left Passage - Ask the guard where Mayako's room is. It's locked and she's not in.

  17. Leave and re-enter to bump into Mido again.

  18. Left Passage - Bump into Mido again.

  19. Yayoi's Room - Retreat to Yayoi's room when Mido recognizes you. When Patricia runs out, you're given the option to chase her or stay with Yayoi. Regardless of your choice, you'll end up staying with Yayoi. Attempting to chase after Patricia/Puddin' only makes Yayoi feel bad.

  20. Left Passage - Exchange things with Marina.

  21. Right Passage - Amanda and Patricia are talking. Talk to the guard to learn this, and you won't be able to enter or hear them. Leave.

  22. Deck/Stern - See the fireworks with Mayako. You'll need to look at your surroundings a few times to spot her in the crowd. You are given the choice to marry her or reject her when she asks, but either way you'll end up accepting. Rejecting only makes Kojiroh think about it to himself.

  23. Party Room/Bow - Crowning Ceremony and Mayako's announcement.

  24. Amanda's Cabin - Look for Amanda.

  25. Bathroom - Surprise! Also Mayako screams because you did it.

  26. Right Passage - Bump into Marina.

  27. Engine Room - Think about stuff, then Mayako arrives. Explosions happen.

  28. Ship's Hold - Congrats, you've finished Kojiroh's scenario. You may now go to Marina's story and finish the game and final scenario. While in the Hold, simply go through all the commands and hit the wall until it starts to cycle.

Marina - 12/2

  1. HQ - Talk with the chief about stuff.

  2. Outside Sun Apartments - Go to your room.

  3. Room 403 - Hey look – a fax.

  4. HQ - Meet with Mido.

  5. Outside Sun Apartments - Dusk. It's now night.

  6. Room 403 - Commands.

  7. Outside Sun Apartments - Commands.

  8. Outside International School - Meet with Matsuno.

  9. HQ - Get your ID.

  10. Room 403 - Sleeping time.

Marina - 12/3

  1. Outside International School - Meet with Matsuno.

  2. The next six locations are just a tour by Matsuno, so don't worry about them missing a hyphen & information.

  3. Director's Room.

  4. East Wing

  5. Library

  6. West Wing

  7. Swimming Pool

  8. Cafeteria - A chime will sound here after the tour, and Matsuno will go to teach a class.

  9. Library - Commands.

  10. Swimming Pool - Commands.

  11. Roof - If you can't access the roof, 'look' at your 'surroundings' in the East/West Wing. Sit on the bench on the roof and another chime will sound.

  12. Outside International School - Commands.

  13. Outside Dorms - Commands.

  14. Director's Room - Commands.

  15. Cafeteria - Now people are here. Commands.

Marina - 12/3

  1. West Wing - Meet with Matsuno

  2. Cafeteria - Talk with Matsuno again. Go to the library.

  3. Library - Commands.

  4. Director's room - Meet with Nikaido.

  5. East Wing - Talk with Mayako.

  6. Outside International School - Hey look – a hit-and-run.

  7. Mayako's Room - Talk to Mayako.

  8. Outside Girl's Dorm - Meet with Suzuki.

  9. HQ - Give your report.

  10. Outside the Embassy - Meet Kanomi

  11. Inside the Embassy - Meet with Mido.

  12. Mayako's Room - Mayako's Room is missing a Mayako.

  13. Outside International School - Meet Natasha.

  14. Library - Commands.

  15. Director's Room - Meet with Matsuno.

  16. Outside International School - Meet with Mayako (not in her uniform) because you're going shopping.

  17. Central Avenue - See? You're shopping.

  18. Room 403 - Talk with Mayako more.

  19. Outside Sun Apartments - Dusk. It's now night.

  20. Mayako's Room - Bring Mayako her stuff.

  21. Room 403 - Leave Mayako clothes to change into.

  22. HQ - Analyze her Insulin.

  23. Room 403 - Get smashed with Yayoi and Mayako.

Marina - 12/4

  1. Room 403 - Mayako isn't there.

  2. HQ - Insulin is just Insulin. Who would've guessed?

  3. East Wing - Meet with Matsuno.

  4. Swimming Pool - Yayoi's absent.

  5. Outside International School - Meet with Mido and Natasha.

  6. Director's Room - Meet Kyoko.

  7. Library - Matsuno is really happy.

  8. Swimming Pool - Meet Natasha and then see Kojiroh hitting on Yayoi. Oh, listen to that alarm.

  9. Outside International School - See a kidnapping.

  10. East Wing - Mayako is off to class.

  11. Roof - Meet with Kyoko and Matsuno

  12. Outside Girl's Dorm - Meet with Natasha.

  13. Mayako's Room – Something is ruined. Meet with Mayako.

  14. Outside Girl's Dorm - Talk with Mayako.

  15. Director's Room - Kyoko is there. Speak with her.

  16. Library - Talk to Matsuno and she spills everything about Kyoko.

  17. HQ - Meet Kagawa, and check up on Kyoko.

  18. Outside International School - Meet with Mayako and stalk Natasha.

  19. Central Avenue - Meet with Suzuki.

  20. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Suzuki, Nikaido, and Kanomi.

  21. School Roof - Lunch. Speak with Kyoko.

  22. Mayako's Room - Hey look you're being threatened.

  23. HQ - Talk to Chief and then meet Kagawa again outside.

  24. Inside the Embassy - Mido talks about 'Terror'.

  25. Director's Room - Give Kyoko some advice.

  26. Library - Meet with Kyoko and Kojiroh, and then with Mayako on the way out.

  27. Outside International School - Dusk. Now it's night.

  28. Sun Apartments - Talk with Mido.

  29. Room 403 - See a fax.

  30. HQ - Talk about Natasha and 'Terror'. Kagawa on the way out again.

  31. Room 403 - Mayako is missing again. Get her a GPS-tracker and there's also a note and fax.

  32. Outside Sun Apartments - Mayako.

  33. School Roof - Natasha. She's standing there somewhere. Go through every command, without leaving the roof, until Marina spots Natasha while walking around.

  34. Director's Room - Meet with Suzuki.

  35. Library - Have a cat fight with Natasha. Just go through the commands.

  36. Room 403 - Mayako needs to calm down.

  37. Outside Sun Apartments - Talk with Suzuki.

  38. Room 403 - Mayako stuff.

  39. Room 403 - Chief calls. (Kojiroh Flag) - You need to be at least to this flag in Kojiroh's path to proceed forward. If you're not, go play it.

  40. Outside Ko's House - Meet with Chief.

  41. Room 403 - Think about things.

Marina - 12/5

  1. Room 403 - Phone call from your favorite Chief.

  2. Outside International School - Have fun beating up the media.

  3. East Wing - Mayako goes to class.

  4. HQ - Talk to Chief.

  5. Library - Hey look blood.

  6. Director's Room - Remember that plate of the painting? Yeah, it's gone.

  7. Cafeteria - Talk with Matsuno. Oh look – Nikaido's in the newspaper.

  8. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Commands.

  9. Outside Ko's House - Police tape somehow prevents you from entering the building.

  10. School Roof - Meet with Kyoko.

  11. Outside Ko's House - Suzuki is talking to the police. Go through the commands, inspecting his car.

  12. Inside Suzuki's Car - Hey look you're inside a car.

  13. Princess Hotel Lobby - Talk to the guy at the counter.

  14. Room 410 - Look around. Now play Hide-and-Seek in the closest.

  15. Inside the Closet - Think.

  16. Room 410 - Now play the 'Find What is Obviously a Corpse' game. You get one guess who the corpse is, and again, if you're easily frightened or such, minimize the game window and remove your headphones as you proceed.

  17. Room 410 - Talk with Chief. (Marina Flag) - This flag progresses the Kojiroh side of the story.

  18. Library - Talk with Matsuno and then the chime sounds.

  19. Cafeteria - Talk to Matsuno again.

  20. Katsuragi Detectice Offices - Nobody's home. They migrated south.

  21. Outside Girl's Dorm - Watch Mido slap Mayako.

  22. Room 403 - Phone call.

  23. Princess Hotel Lobby - Meet with Suzuki.

  24. room 550 - Find a sauna.

  25. Princess Hotel Cocktail Lounge - Speak with Suzuki.

  26. Princess Hotel Lobby - It's now night.

  27. Room 550 - Always check the cake before you eat it.

  28. Princess Hotel Lobby - Stuff.

  29. Central Avenue - Guns and Stuff.

  30. HQ - Talking with Chief and Mayako.

Marina - 12/6

  1. HQ - Mayako is missing once again.

  2. Outside the Embassy - Mido isn't there.

  3. Outside HQ - Meet Kagawa while heading for Katsuragi Detective Offices.

  4. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Locked.

  5. Central Avenue - Meet with Yayoi.

  6. Room 403 - Another fax.

  7. Outside the Embassy - Meet with Kyoko. (Kojiroh Flag) - Reach this point in Kojiroh's side of the story to progress.

  8. Inside the Embassy - Watch Kojiroh interview Mido.

  9. HQ - Internal Affairs!

  10. HQ - Hack things. (Refer to Kojiroh's section for this part, as you will need to switch between them multiple times.)

  11. HQ - Take Chief as a hostage and escape.

  12. Katsuragi Detective Offices - Finally hear things about Kojiroh.

  13. Amagi Office - Kojiroh isn't at his office. Surprise.

  14. Outside the Embassy - It looks really busy.

  15. Princess Hotel Lobby - Kanomi and Kidnapping both start with K.

  16. Abandoned Building - Go through all the commands. Go inside the old building. That's what abandoned buildings are for.

  17. Inside Abandoned Building - Meet with Suzuki and almost kill him.

  18. Above Interrogation Room - Watch a torture scene.

  19. Princess Hotel Lobby - The only time get a room can be said without irony.

  20. Princess Hotel Next-Door Room - Listen through the walls.

  21. Princess Hotel Room - There are two dead guards. The first thing you should now do is ... answer the phone.

  22. Somewhere - Suddenly Bondage.

  23. Left Passage - Nice Boat.

  24. Stern/Deck - Nice Boat.

  25. Right Passage - Door is open. Guess what you'll find ...

  26. Ship Room - Chinese Ko is dead. Chief arrives.

  27. HQ - You're a free woman. Be free.

  28. Outside Sun Apartments - Meet Yayoi with Puddin'.

  29. Room 403 - Suzuki visits.

Swimming Pool - Sudden Reveal: (SPOILER)

Marina - 12/7

  1. Helicopter - Remember why you're in a helicopter. Never forget why you're in a helicopter.

  2. (Remembering)

  3. Room 403 - Phone call from HQ.

  4. HQ - Talk with Chief.

  5. (Done Remembering)

  6. Suddenly Helicopter again.

  7. Deck/Stern - Patricia Arrives. (Marina Flag) - This flag progresses the Kojiroh side of the story.

  8. Patricia's Cabin - Talk with Patricia and get a tour of the ship.

  9. Left Passage - Yayoi is only changing her clothes and not at all with Kojiroh.

  10. Party Room/Bow - Patricia goes into the crowd.

  11. Left Passage - Patricia teleports into Yayoi's room somehow and then leaves crying.

  12. Yayoi's room - Surprise. A wild Kojiroh appeared.

  13. Left Passage - Talk with Kojiroh, Suzuki's real identity is dropped, then talk with Yayoi.

  14. Deck/Stern - Look/Investigate stuff until you find the Engine Room.

  15. Engine Room - Nobody is in the Engine Room.

  16. Left Passage - Mido comes out from some room.

  17. Some Room - Meet Mayako.

  18. Right Passage - Talk to Patricia.

  19. Party Room/Bow - Talk to Yayoi, watch the Crowning Ceremony, listen to Mayako's announcement, and talk to Patricia.

  20. Right Passage - Wait (not really) for Chief's orders/call and search for Mido.

  21. The Whole Ship - Go through all the commands of the ship.

  22. Deck/Stern - A scream! Mayako ignores you and runs by. (Kojiroh Flag) - Reach this flag in Kojiroh's side of the story to progress.

  23. Right Passage - Kojiroh will run by, and there's a crowd at Amanda's room.

  24. Bathroom - Surprise! You found Amanda. Chief calls and you'll go to the Second Engine Room with Patricia. You can reach said 'location' by going to the Left Passage and going downstairs.

  25. Second Engine Room - Meet Mido. Suzuki will appear and Natasha gets a surprise.

  26. Right Passage - Find Mido. Explosions!

  27. Second Engine Room - Natasha's surprise is the only kind of surprise EBE has. Also Suzuki gets the same surprise.

  28. Left Passage - Meet with Yayoi and Patricia.

  29. Engine Room - Search with Patricia. Go deeper. Go real deep. Go as deep as you can go when going deep.

Ship's Hold - Find Kojiroh and Mayako. If you already finished Kojiroh's side of the story, which you obviously have, then congrats! You've now finished Marina's side of the story, and are entering the Final Scenario!

Final Scenario - The Final Scenario has no choices to make. You should have no problems with it, as you merely need to go through the commands. Eventually, after everything, you will be asked to play the 'who killed who' game. They are as follows:

Pat killed Ko. Mayako killed everyone else.

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